Setup Guide

User Setup Guide

Things to know

Go to to access the website’s admin area.

Posts: Individual posts of your covers, if you want separate posts for each one.

Your posts’ URLs will

Example post: Click here

Pages: You can add pages to menu tabs

Profile Sidebar

This sidebar will show up for every page or post you make, unless you decide to hide it (hiding sidebars explained later)

One has been created for you. You can edit it by going to AE Templates, and clicking Edit with Elementor on your Sidebar template.

Making other Sidebars

If you want other sidebars above or below your Profile Sidebar, read this section.

Go to AE Templates

Click Add New

Name the template whatever you want. 

Click Publish

Click the Edit with Elementor button

Make the sidebar however you want it.

Sidebars are narrow on the site, so don’t design it too wide.

Click Publish or Update to save your changes.


Copy the Shortcode of the template


Go to Widgets

Click your sidebar to open options

The current Text box (shown in the image) is the location of your Profile Sidebar 


Search up Text on the Available Widgets section, and drag-drop a new Text module above or below the existing Text module. 

The order you place it in is the order on the site

Paste the template’s Shortcode into the text area

Press Save

Done! Now your sidebar will be shown on every page you make unless you choose to hide it.



You’re given an About page and a Cover page by default. You can edit one by going to Pages and clicking Edit with Elementor.

You can rename them and change their URL slug.


To create more pages, click Add New, name it, then select your name under Categories. 

All your posts are automatically assigned to your category, but you need to manually assign your category to your pages.

The navigation menu changes depending on the page or post category, so this step is crucial.

If you want your sidebars to show up on this page, you can skip this section. If not, you’ll need to disable sidebars in the Layout options.

Select the Content (no sidebars) option to disable the sidebar on that section.

Default is just Content / Sidebar

Click Publish, then click Edit with Elementor.

Click Update once in a while to save your changes.


Your Recent Covers section is automatically updated, and will display your most recent posts.

Posts, for each cover

If you wish to display all your covers on one page with links, just make one page. If you want multiple pages with a search table, there’s some more work involved.

Head to Posts and click Add New.

Name the new post SongName.
Note: replace SongName with the actual song’s name.

Scroll down and set a Featured Image. This must be a 16:9 aspect ratio (Youtube thumbnail size) image, most preferably your video thumbnail.

This will be the image shown in your Recent Covers display.

Click Publish, then click Edit with Elementor.

Click the grey folder icon, click the My Templates tab, and Insert the template called Post Template.

You’ll get this page. If you don’t like this layout or want a more personalized one, edit it however you want, to your liking. You don’t need to set your customized page as template since you’ll be duplicating pages after this one. The Recent Covers section is there again, but try limiting it to 3. Having too many will overcrowd the page. You also don’t need the “Original Artists” and “Official Release” sections there, but it’s a nice courtesy to show support towards the artists.

Remember some people will view this page on a mobile device, so edit your page while in Mobile View.

After clicking Update, head back to your Posts page through https://chendumpling/wp-admin and Trash your Draft file.

And with that, you’re done the setup and you can duplicate your most recent Song Post  to create a new Song Post.

To configure the order your posts show up in the Recent Covers display, Edit your post (not Edit with Elementor) and change the Publish Date. Note that the Recent Covers display shows posts from newest to oldest so plan the dates accordingly. (Might as well just use your youtube upload date).

Each post you make will be automatically linked to your user account and your Recent Covers display. At the current moment, the Search Table that I have on my user page cannot be configured to show different things based on different people, so only I can use it at the moment.

And you’re done!