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Youtube: False Copyright Claims and Demonetizations

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Musicians are getting falsely claimed and wrongfully demonetized and Youtube’s system makes it difficult for them to do anything about it. Please share this page to spread the awareness.

If you’re a victim of this problem, or know some musician who is being affected by this, fill out the form by pressing the button below. I will add the issue onto this page.

Channels that were affected

Robert Chen (me) [Channel]

Mar 13: 10 videos were removed by someone using Robert’s name, channel has 3 strikes and will be terminated in 7 days. [Tweet] [YTPost]

Mar 14: Youtube responded to the counter notification, channel is no longer scheduled for termination, and the videos are back up. [Tweet] [YTPost]

Steve Hansen [Channel]

Mar 6: 10 videos were removed by someone using Steve’s name. [Tweet] [YTPost]

Mar 7: More videos removed, Channel has 3+ strikes and will be terminated in 7 days. [Tweet] [YTPost] [YTPost2]

Mar 8: Even more videos removed, Channel has 60 strikes. [Tweet]

Mar 9: Backup channel terminated, without the usual 7 day warning [Link] [Tweet]

Mar 11: His counter notification dispute was rejected, 2 days left till termination. [Tweet] [YTPost]

Mar 12: He made a reddit post, it garnered lots of attention, Grandayy shared the problem on Twitter and TeamYoutube responded. Steve’s Channel is now no longer scheduled for termination and all of his videos are back up. [Tweet] [Tweet2] [Tweet3] [YTPost]

zzz – Anime on Piano [Channel]

Mar 6: Channel demonetized. [Tweet]

Current State: Can’t contact Creator Support for help because demonetization removed him from the Partner Program. [Tweet

A V I A N D [Channel]

Mar 7: Channel demonetized, the reason given by Youtube was vague. [Tweet]

Yvonnee Van What [Channel]

Mar 5: Channel demonetized for “repetitious content”. [Tweet] [YTPost]

Mar 6: TeamYoutube on Twitter and Creator Support on Youtube didn’t look into the problem at all, replying with a copy-paste message about community guidelines. [YTPost]

Styzmask [Channel]

Mar 6: Channel demonetized for “reused content”. [Tweet] [YTPost]

He created all the audio in the videos; he doesn’t use any sound samples. His remixes are all different songs, each with a unique touch.

Current State: Tried to contact YouTube without success.

Musicality. [Channel]

Mar 5: Channel demonetized, no reason was given. [Tweet] [YTPost]

Mar 7: Creator support replied with a copy-paste email, tossing aside his request for help. [Tweet] [YTPost]

Beat Demons [Channel]

Mar 6: Channel demonetized for “reused content”. [Tweet

Bliitzit [Channel]

Mar 6: Channel demonetized for “reused content”. [Tweet

Mar 7: Youtube acknowledges his issue but tells him to wait 30 days to re-apply. [Tweet]

Mar 9: Channel re-monetized. [Tweet]

Musikage [Channel]

Mar 6: Channel demonetized for “using a video without permission” despite having permission. [Tweet] [YTPost]

Tutorials by Hugo [Channel]

Mar 7: Channel demonetized, no specific reason given. [Tweet]

Current State: Youtube has yet to reply with a reason why the channel got demonetized. [Tweet] [YTPost]

Anime Pro – Anime on Piano [Channel]

Mar 3: Applied for monetization but was rejected for “repetitious content”. [Tweet] [YTPost]

Eddie van der Meer [Channel]

Feb 22: “Swan Song” cover removed by a “Top 5 in 5 Covers of Swan Song” video. [Tweet]

Feb 24: Video reinstated after he reached out to his Youtube contact. [Tweet]

Current State: Video is now killed by the algorithm for not getting views while it was removed.

TheFatRat [Channel]

Dec 12: His original song, “The Calling” got claimed by a channel called “Ramjets” [Tweet]

Dec 14: After submitting a dispute, Youtube repeated that the false claim was legitimate. [Tweet]

Dec 19: The claimant whose name was used in the claim had nothing to do with the claim itself. [Tweet]

Dec 22: Started a petition to correct the Youtube Copyright system [Tweet] [Petition]

Dec 23: Got his revenue rights back and the Ramjets channel was deleted. [Tweet]

Current State: Copyright claim disputed successfully but the culprit stole a lot of revenue during the process.

Many more people are being affected with Youtube’s poor system, and will be added here.

Last updated 2019-03-11 1:49am PST